Today this picture was captured.

I’ve seen this lot go from bare land to our home being completed this summer. Last year, I was authorized as a home owner builder (after reading massive builder books on flights, going to builder classes in between work, and passing the exam!). I still remember my first day of builder class where everyone thought I was lost, and laughed when I said I was enrolled. These are the moments where you continue to be kind and use their doubt to fuel your fire.

We have reached the framing level for our home, and I keep pinching myself. A lot of people through this journey were surprised to see my mom and I diligently getting permits, designing every square inch of the house, and working through every problem that came our way. I wouldn’t have taken on this new chapter with anyone but you! Excited for 2018!

#MotherDaughterDuo #DreamHome #DreamBig #InternationalWomensMonth


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