It’s been a insightful journey continuing my educational path in international studies focusing on topics such as foreign policy, development, and comparative world politics while working on ground for years in similar areas I’ve researched. Being able to draw from my experiences in local vulnerable communities such as on income generating activities, understanding various legal structures, and how to adapt in intercultural settings through effective communication has helped form my policy and briefing papers. Creating Project LOVE and the Project LOVE school as a teenager really helped me understand the various complexities and variables involved in planning, and how crucial it is to have grassroots and local contexts involved in the decision making process.

Looking back, I now see how my experience in Sub Saharan Africa has shaped my essays, and how my specific classes and careful review of interdisciplinary literature specifically on failures and challenges helped me maneuver in unforeseen circumstances.

Looking forward to always incorporating meaningful and positively impactful collaborations and continuing the next chapter of my passion projects. It’s been an honor to learn from some brilliant international studies professors at Simon Fraser University

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